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Berea College Crafts

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Berea College Crafts

It would be impossible to separate the students and their stories from Berea College Crafts. For 125 years, students in the Berea Crafts department have been trained to produce works that maintain strong ties to the elemental nature of the Appalachian region—design excellence, a respect for materials & the environment, and the honor that comes from handmade work.

With graduation season upon us, now is a fantastic time to support these talented students and the beautiful handmade works they create!  

Shaker Braid Broom - $55

The Shaker Braid Broom is one of our favorite items in the shop right now. Broom-craft is a long-honored Appalachian tradition, and the Broom Making Studio at Berea has been around for over 80 years. Their clean form and Shaker-inspired braided design is the perfect mindful accessory for your home. 


The Student Crafts department at Berea gives students the necessary tools to become successful makers in their field by partnering with other academic departments—including Business, Art, and Technology to provide real-time experiential education in a variety of methods. 

Over 100 students work 10 to 15 hours per week in the various departments of Student Crafts. From the sales and distribution areas to the handmade processes of Broomcraft, Wood, Weaving, and Ceramics.

Talented young people, devoted to learning and the traditions of the studio, continue to display a unique sense of respect for the works produced by their hands.  These are the values that have shaped Berea College Crafts.